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Why DeFi Pulse Data?

We offer the essential DeFI and Ethereum data that you need!

We combine our popular DeFi metrics with data from other API service providers like ETHGasStation and DEX.AG. Our API services are relied on by thousands of users, websites, and applications.

Whether you want to analyze trends in decentralized finance or your application needs the latest gas prices, DeFi Pulse Data has data from across the ecosystem to help you make informed decisions.

Take a look at some of the data we provide

  • Fast, standard and safe low gas price
  • Prediction table showing estimated confirmation time for each price
  • TX pool vision showing historical confirmation time for each price

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We’re here to help everyone take their project to the next level. Receive 1000 complementary credits to start executing on that new project or idea.


1000 credits


Perfect for developers, researchers, journalists, consultants and teams. Get access to the data you need to push your strategies forward.

USD 95/month

1 million monthly credits

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